Church Bulletins

August 6, 2017

Welcome to
Zion Christian Fellowship
August 6, 2017

9:30 Song Leader……….. William W. Byler

9:45 Devotions…………… William Miller

10:00 Sunday School Text: Mark 13:9

Announcements………………… James Miller
Message…………………………. Oren Yoder


Offering last Sunday: $2,221.00
Offering Today: School Offering
Next Sunday: Building Fund

Sunday Evening: 4:00 Brothers Meeting

Wednesday evening: Softball Game

Host Family: John and Priscilla Byler
Next Sunday: Laban and Julie Kaufman

Soup Kitchen: Tuesday, August 8. Contact Dorothy Mullet 440-346-3456

Youth Social: 7:00 Thursday evening at Glendon Kuhns’. Dessert and yard games.

Trustees would be glad for anyone to help themselves to the firewood from the ash tree in the cemetery.

♪ ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday! ♪ ♪ ♪
Monday, August 7 Rosina Miller
Wednesday, August 9 Uriah Hostetler (1996)

Pray For:

Jonathan Miller (N. Dakota)
The Landis family
Luke Byler (salvation)
Arie Schmucker (healing)
Harvey Kaufman (healing)
Kathy Jacobs – Kathryn Byler’s neighbor (cancer)
Freeman Byler family (Kenya)
Emily Byler (Faith Builders)

Looking Ahead:

August 2017

Cottage Meetings: Tonight, Myron Millers
Social: August 20, Bowery Mission Trip

Sunday, August 20: Blossom Hill Nursing Home 2:00
Moderator: Robert Miller
Devotions: Lucas Kuhns
Family: Nathanael Byler

Church cleaners for August: Tim and Joanna Byler / Benjamin and Franie Hostetler

September 2017

Cottage Meetings: William Miller
Social: Matthew Coblentz

Sunday, September 17: Blossom Hill Nursing Home 2:00
Moderator: James Miller
Devotions: Kenneth Petroski
Family: TBD

Church cleaners for August: William and Barb Miller / Steve and Arlene Kaufman

October 2017

October 27: School Fundraiser Dinner

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