Church Bulletins

June 18, 2017

Special Note: This was the last bulletin prepared by Irene Byler. Thank you Irene, for all the work you did on them.
Welcome to
Zion Christian Fellowship
June 18, 2017
9:30 Song Leader………….William W. Byler
9:45 Devotions…………….Titus Kuhns
10:00 Sunday School
Text: Mark 12:13
Announcements…………… Kenny Kuhns
Message……………………. James Miller

Offering last Sunday: $1358.00
Offering Today: General Fund
Next Sunday: Mission Fund
Blossom Hill Nursing Home today @ 2:00 p.m.
Moderator: Harvey Kaufman
Devotions: Glendon Kuhns
Family: Samuel Hostetler
Sunday Evening: No Service…
Willy and Sue are in charge of cottage meetings this
Wednesday evening: Joint cell group meeting at Jonas &
Martha Hershberger’s house @ 7:00. Bring mowers and
other yard and garden tools…
No host family because of Father’s Day
Next Sunday: Nathanael & Kathryn/Irene Byler
Monday evening, June 19: CAM needs 10 volunteers to
help stuff newsletters…Contact Willy if you can go…
♪♪♪ Happy Birthday! ♪♪♪
Monday, June 19th Dominic Byler (2011)
Wednesday, June 21st Erica VanPelt (2009)
Friday, June 23rd Felix Schmucker (2011)
Saturday, June 24th Hosanna Miller (2004)
Saturday, June 24th Timothy Hostetler (2002)
Saturday, June 24th Daisy Kuhns (1992)
Pray For:
Jonathan Miller (N. Dakota)
The Landis family
Luke Byler (salvation)
Arie Schmucker (healing)
Harvey Kaufman (healing)
Kathy Jacobs (Kathryn Byler’s neighbor) cancer….Freeman
Byler family (flying back to Kenya on Tuesday)

Looking Ahead:
June 2017
Social: Steve Kaufman’s
July 2017
Cottage Meetings: Ben Hostetler’s
Social: Glendon Kuhns’
Saturday, July 1: Bake sale for the school at the Ox Roast…
There will be a list on the board for all school moms to fill in…
We welcome any other lady from church who would like to
help with this…
Church cleaners for July: Robert Millers/James Millers
Sunday, July 16: Blossom Hill Nursing Home
Moderator: William W. Byler
Devotions: Peter Cipriano
Family: Steve Kaufman
School cleaning/painting on Tuesday and Wednesday, July

20170618 – Church Bulletin