October 9, 2016

Welcome to
Zion Christian Fellowship
October 9,2016

9:30 Song Leader………… Steve Kaufman

9:45 Devotions…………… Micah Kaufman

10:00 Sunday School
Text……..Mark 4:1

Announcements……………… Kenny Kuhns
Message……………………… Harvey Kaufman

Offering last Sunday: $1322.00
Offering Today: Building Fund
Next Sunday: General Fund

Sunday evening: Hymn Sing
Moderator: Steve Kaufman
Devotions: Samuel Hostetler
Children’s Class: Uriah Hostetler

Wednesday evening: No cell groups

Tuesday, October 11: Volunteers are needed to help at the
Soup Kitchen in Warren… Please contact Dorothy Mullet if
you are able to help…
Host family today: Robert Millers
Next Sunday: Fellowship dinner
There is a planned menu for this and on the bulletin board
will be slips of food items you can choose to bring. Choose
one and write your name beside it. If you don’t choose one
then you will be assigned something …

School devotions on Monday: David Coblentz

Happy Birthday!
Tuesday, October 11th Anna Miller
Wednesday, October 12th Kael Byler (2001)
Friday, October 14th Ray Hershberger
Saturday, October 15th Danae Miller (2009)
Pray For:
Freeman Byler family (in Kenya)
Jonathan Miller (N. Dakota)
The Landis family
Monroe Landis (at Fresh Start)
Luke Byler (salvation and also needs a place to live)
Arie Schmucker (healing)
Paul, Emily, & Jared (at Faith Builders)
Amanda Coblentz (in NYC)
Susan Hostetler’s mother (healing & strength)

The school is collecting boxtops. Hand them in to Irene.
The deadline is Oct. 28th

Looking Ahead:
October 2016
Cottage Meetings: Kenny Kuhns’
Social: Nathanael Bylers

Friday, October 21: The MCC Meat Canner will be at the Middlefield Market.. Volunteers are needed throughout the day…

Sunday afternoon, October 16: Blossom Hill Nursing Home Moderator: Laban Kaufman
Devotions: Jamin Miller
Family: Myron Millers

Mark your calendars!
Friday, October 28th The school fundraiser dinner will
be held at the Mespo Expo…
Check the wall by the stairway to sign up for baskets or desserts…Also you can reserve tables for you and your guests…Start inviting guests now… doors open at 4:30 …
Call Elisabeth Wagler (440-321-6644) or Judy
Hershberger (216-469-6381) to make reservations …
You don’t need a ticket to attend ….

Sunday, October 30th Commissioning for James Miller

November 2016

Church cleaners for November: Roberts & James’
Cottage Meetings: Laban Kaufmans
Social: Peter Ciprianos

20161009 Church Bulletin